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Within the context of TOTAL QUALITY, this is the department where we start the control of received files, checking every detail, from resolutions of optimal images, to control of fonts, indentations, etc. We study the medium to be printed on and apply the right LPI.

We do ozalid contract proofs ,colour calibration proofs, and after checking with the client, using our modern CTP, the printing plates.


The optimization of each job is based on using the ideal means. For this we need to choose the best option. We have a fleet of modern and versatile machinery with which we can give the best solution for each case, combining printing styles as required (offset, digital, screen, etc.)

Digital press

A phenomenon that burst into our world surprising conventional printers. Far from taking it as a threat, we have been able to see it as a solution, incorporating it into our production systems and knowing how to direct it with professional standards, to fill the segment of small print runs, with more than acceptable results, also allowing the option of including variable data (databases, images, etc.)


After finishing printing, we can complement with conventional finishes such as laminates, UVI varnishes (normal and spot), cutting, folding, staple binding, rustic stitching and milled, Pur or American glue, etc.

Alternatively, we can give a distinctive touch such as textured, aromatic, or UVI High Relief varnishes, laser die cut, embossing, special laminating ... or whatever you propose.


FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

In Gráficas San Sadurní, we continue taking steps forward, not only to offer our customers the latest advances, but also, within our policy of continuous improvement, we want to announce that Gráficas San Sadurní, has been certified as a company authorized to print the logo FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

In your prints, we can include this logo which guarantees the chain of custody to ensure that the raw material of our prints come from controlled logging and responsible, committed, economically viable treatment, ensuring the survival of forests.

You can get more information at

Show your commitment publicly, and ask us to include this certificate.

Augmented Reality

The market penetration of smartphones, iphones, ipads, tablets, etc., is a technological evolution, which experts predict will outnumber personal computers from next year. These allow us to stay connected to our social networks (private and professional), and have already become the reference tool of choice for most.

One of the applications that allow us to these technologies is augmented reality (AR), thanks to which we can complement what we are seeing across the screen with additional information, such as technical specifications, 3D images, video, etc.

Gráficas San Sadurni, in its philosophy of providing customers the best, is committed to offering more added value to its brochures, catalogues, or any means of printed communication with customers.

Request a no-obligation demonstration, and amaze your customers with this application offered by Gráficas San Sadurní.